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A Week in Chimacum

While we were in Camp Rilea we met a fellow RVer who told us about an Escapees RV Club co-op in Washington. After doing a search of the Escapees website we learned about Evergreen Coho SKP RV Park in Chimacum, Washington. We called and made reservations for 4 days to check out the facilities and learn more about this unique RV park.

Chimacum is located in Washington State on the Olympic Peninsula near the historic Victorian seaport town of Port Townsend, Washington. As a proud member of the Escapee RV Club system, Evergreen Coho SKP RV Park is a cooperative 55+ RV community consisting of friendly folks who enjoy participating and living in this RV park. They offer both permanent memberships for qualified Escapee members and also short-term rental lots.

X marks our site in the park.


“SKP” or “Skip” is a commonly used nickname for Escapees. (Just say S-K-P fast and it sounds like Escapees.) But there is more to SKP than just the sound of the letters. SKP means:

Service, Knowledge and Parking and also Special Kind of People

Members have taken the idea of caring and sharing to heart from the very beginning. They say the park is run by volunteers and it's true! The many Evergreen Coho SKP RV Park Committees are responsible to the park and its membership to provide the best possible environment to fulfill the Articles of Incorporation which state that this nonprofit corporation is established to maintain and operate “a recreational vehicle park and to provide facilities and activities for enhancing the fellowship, recreational and social endeavors of its members and guests.”

We were so impressed with this park we decided to increase our stay to a week and had a great time using this park as our base to explore the surrounding communities. We visited some wonderful state parks and historical sites, played golf, visited a local church and just relaxed with the friendly members of this community.


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