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Catching up with our peeps in Sonoma County

We continued our journey from PDX (Portland, Oregon) to OAK (Oakland, CA) on Tuesday, November 28. We had arranged a rental car through for the nine days we planned on visiting Sonoma County. is a remarkably convenient transportation resource. Turo is a peer-to-peer car sharing platform that allows car owners to rent out their own cars to regular people. Consider it a sort of Airbnb for cars. Given high rental car prices and often limited rental car availability, alternative rental car services like Turo can be a lifesaver. We rented a dark blue 2011 Honda Accord with 1800 miles included through the Turo platform for $365 for 10 days..

After driving up to Sonoma County we arrived at the Herrick Vineyard's AirBnB they recently finished in their barn where we planned on staying through December 7. We arranged get togethers with local friends, former co-workers plus knocking out multiple doctor and dentist appointments. The first order of business on Thursday was picking up up two cases of wine futures we ordered last year at Sunce Winery. We figured we might be able to enjoy the wines with our friends during our stay in California before shipping it back to Florida!

On Saturday December 1 we attended the Fire Cause Analysis company holiday party in Berkeley with the Ginn's and Guidi's. We had a great time hanging out with all my work associates.

Sunday we attended Living Roots Church with our church family. Monday I attended the holiday party of the Sonoma County Search and Recovery Dive Team while Karen hung out with her Total Concepts co-worker Sandra for some wine and a visit. All in all, we got to spend the week catching up with many friends for coffee or a meal before packing for Fiji.


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