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Home Base in Livingston, TX

Updated: Mar 27, 2023

Wednesday, March 8 we arrived at Rainbow's End - Escapees Rainbow Park in Livingston, Texas. Rainbow’s End has everything you would expect in a full-hook up rv park. They have a swimming pool, but it is closed until Memorial Day. A fully stocked video library, clubhouse with frequent social activities, a thrift store and more. This is where Karen and I established our domicile status as Texans back in May 2022. Our mailing address is here and this is where we have our Amazon packages delivered. We are staying here for the rest of March, about three weeks. We paid the monthly rate of $340 because it was less expensive than the 3 week rate. That's an incredible $14.78 a day plus electricity at $0.123 per kWh (about another $3.50 a day)!

Our back-in site #72 has plenty of room between neighboring units with trees and a small creek behind us. A nice lawn area out our front door which faces predominantly south so we are using the awnings for shade if the wind isn't too bad. Wednesday was a long driving day from San Antonio so we relaxed after settling in by having an early dinner. One of the activities here is Bingo on Wednesday night at 6PM so we went to check it out. We played 5 games total until 8 PM. Karen won the third game and the pot of $5! I had a hard time staying awake during the riveting and intense pace of play...NOT! We decided, despite Karen's incredible prowess at Bingo that night, to pass on any future games for now.

Thursday we got into our Thule roof rack storage pod on the truck to start pulling out our scuba diving gear for the upcoming trip to Cozumel, Mexico next week. We will have to do some creative packing this time around because we left all our large suitcases back in the storage tailer in California.

We finally needed our air conditioners the last two days. The daytime temperatures outside have been in the 80's with about 70-80% humidity. Unusual for this time of year. but the forecast indicates we will see a cooling trend and some possible thunderstorms. For now I'm sitting outside composing this post at 6 PM on Friday, March 10 and it is a comfortable 72ºF under overcast skies.

After driving halfway across the United States we are looking forward to this planned hiatus from 3 to 4 hour driving days to staying put in one spot. We getting to know the neighbors and spending more time relaxing and reading.


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