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Mother's Day on the road

Sunday, May 8, 2022 was Mother's Day and we celebrated in windy Winslow, AZ. We arrived at the Homolovi State Park on Saturday, May 7 for two days of rest and recreation. Our campsite location is #9. Paved, level, 30 AMP electrical and water, with freestanding BBQ, fire pit and picnic table. Impeccably maintained campground for $25 a night. We will definitely return here again for a longer stay when visiting the area.

Our only complaint was the windy condition during the two days we stayed in the park. I mean windy... like 15 to 25 MPH with gusts to 40 MPH! It made going to the archeological sites problematic, so we only had time for a visit to Homolovi 1, closest to our campground. The other site, Homolovi 2 is larger and contains an estimated 1,200 to 2,000 rooms. It is believed that these pueblos are where the ancestors of the present-day Hopi native people lived. Activities on these sites dates back to the 14th century. Homolovi or Homol'ovi (the Hopi spelling of the word) is a Hopi word meaning "place of the little hills". The park is located near the Little Colorado River just over a mile north of Winslow, Arizona.

Sunday morning we attended church services at "The Well" in Winslow and shared in worship and fellowship. Then took Karen out to lunch to celebrate Mother's Day at the Old Town Grill on Second Street and had a great meal together. Tried their Beer-Battered Pickles...awesome with Ranch dressing!

While visiting "The Well" we met another couple camping at the Homolovi State Park. We invited them over to the rig to hang out together. Roger and Vicki came to Arizona with members of their church community from Ohio to do construction work at a Native American school. We shared stories about our travels, families and our faith journeys with dark and stormy's, wine and cheese.

Tomorrow , Monday, May 9th, as the song lyric goes it's, "On the road again...." We depart in the morning before the winds get gnarly for Albuquerque, NM with plans on staying at Kirtland AFB FamCamp.


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