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Quality Family Time

Saturday, July 16 through Wednesday, July 20 was a great time to hang out with two of our three kids, theirs spouses and grandkids. This was the first time we rented a AirBnB with a pool and it was a definite hit given the hot weather in southern Oregon. We slept in, hung out by the pool in the afternoon, shared some great meals, and played games into the late evening.

Of course, Mimi (Karen) had to have us all together for a family photo, so we gather in front of the pool to record this memorable time together minus Erik, Tori, Emery, Mattis and Arley.

We ended our time together at the AirBnB and headed to Joseph H. Stewart State Recreation Area for a week. Nick's family headed south and home to El Dorado Hills, CA while Elisa's family stayed in the area for a couple more days. Before heading back to Portland, OR they visited us at our site and we all headed up to Crater Lake together.


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