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Thanksgiving with the Teague's in Denver

The weather in Denver has been fairly mild but chilly during the week. There is a forecast for snow on Thanksgiving as well as Friday when we depart for Portland, Oregon. We're getting plenty of time with all three of the grandchildren watching TV, building projects, playing games and just hanging out together. Sometimes it gets loud and I need a respite so I head downstairs to read or nap.

Tori and Erik do a great job of balancing life with these three energetic personalities.The kids have plenty to keep themselves busy outside the house with the trampoline in the backyard and bikes or scooters in the garage. Arley loves to talk to "Alexa" to ask for musical requests and build his towers with magnet squares. Mattis is a real artist and can spend hours drawing super hero cartoons. He watches cartoonist instructions on his computer and draws the same figure free hand as the illustrator gives the lesson. Emery loves to read and is known to stay up late reading after bedtime.

Thanksgiving rolled around and we had a wonderful feast of turkey with stuffing, mashed potatoes with gravy, string bean casserole, sweet potatoes with apples. Oh my goodness, what a treat to have a great meal and spend it with part of our family. We even took some family photos for posterity! I started making turkey soup by boiling the turkey carcass in the largest stock pot they had in the kitchen. With the drippings from the pan, I added carrots, celery, onions, mushrooms and sweet peppers to the brew and boiled until bedtime. I took the pot out to the patio to cool until morning.

We woke up to snow on Friday morning, November 24 when Erik got home from work. Karen had prepared a breakfast of "Thanksgiving French Toast" to make it easier on Tori and Erik the morning of our departure.

After a hearty breakfast and saying our goodbyes, we left the house in Thornton at 8:15 AM and got to Denver International Airport by 9:00 AM for our 11:00 AM flight. The airport was busy but not nearly as busy as we expected. We checked our bags and got through the TSA screening with enough time to get coffee at Starbucks then relax before boarding was to begin. Next stop on our journey is Portland, Oregon to visit our daughter Elisa's family for the next five days.


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