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Welcome to Texas!

Our first stop was in Sweetwater, Texas for an overnight stay on Wednesday, May 11 at the Bar J Hitching Post RV Park right off Interstate 20. Easy on and off but noisy due to the traffic coming into and leaving the Love's service station across the street. Had to try on a couple of appropriate hats. What do y'all think? No, we didn't buy them; just used them for props for the occasion.

We left the next morning for Horseshoe Bay, TX to visit Karen's Auntie Ann and stayed 3 days in the RV park not far from her home. A great site but some tight turns and a water hazard we didn't expect. Couldn't have done it without my co-pilot guiding me in on our walkie talkies. At one point we bottomed out on the bike hitch attached to the rear of the fifth wheel trailer.

This is a flood wash we had to cross to get to the RV sites. Looked treacherous but was only about 6 inches deep. Once across we had to turn around to enter to RV park due to a tree too close to the entrance. I was glad to get into our site after the white knuckle approaches.

We got a great visit in! Cousin Nina and Frank drove over from the Austin area to see us. A family trifecta! Ann surprised Karen with her mother's wedding dress she had at the house. Ann wore the same dress for her wedding in 1956. Karen tried it on and it almost fit! Sunday morning we were off to Lake Livingstone State Park.


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