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Back to Sandy Cove

After three wet days at Martinak State Park in Maryland we pulled up stakes (so to speak) and headed back north to Sandy Cove. We were returning to pick up a special package that FedEx was dropping off back at the conference center. On the way ,we stopped at Starbucks for a coffee when we noticed our Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) for the trailer indicated a low pressure in the right rear tire. Upon examination I discovered a screw head just inside the tread close to the sidewall. So, we got our coffee and used the compressor to fill the tire back up to the original pressure. We started a search for a tire shop to see if the tire could be patched.

Our first stop was in Smyrna, Delaware at Mr. Tire and they informed us the tire could not be patched and we needed to purchase a new tire. Okay, thanks for that bit of crummy news. Karen got on the phone with the tire dealer back in California regarding our replacement warranty and where we might go to get the new tire. Unfortunately none of their dealers are this far east, but they will reimburse us for the cost of the tire replaced at another shop. Karen called around and we found Palumbo's Car Care Center in Newark, Delaware. The owner, Steve Palumbo had his crew order us the needed tire and was gracious enough to let us park behind the shop for the night.

We disconnected the truck and drove to Sandy Cove Ministries to pick up the special package. What is it, you anxiously are wondering? Well, as we travel the country I have been considering picking up another guitar and relearning to play again. After researching the options out there I finally made my decision and ordered an Orangewood Oliver Mahogany.

The Oliver features a grand concert sized body with Mahogany top, back, and sides, making for a winning combination that delivers a beautifully balanced tone. A great price too, only $214.65 and it included a nice soft, padded gig bag to carry it. Perfect for the RV lifestyle!

So I am off to the YouTube guitar lesson channels to start practicing again. My fingers are a little tender after just a few minutes working the neck and playing a few chords. But I'm really looking forward to playing again.

Tomorrow we get the new tire installed and then it's off to Greenbelt Park, Maryland about 95 miles from where we are right now. The Greenbelt campground is only two miles to the closest subway station called University of MD/College Park Metro station. We plan to take the subway to Washington DC on Wednesday to visit some museums.


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