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Enjoying QYB Ranch

We would have never discovered our present RV home without the recommendation of Scott Shackelford, the RV Tech working on our rig. Sabrina and James Akers, the owners of the QYB Ranch, have been a God send for us! They've provided us an electric/water site next to their home for as long as we need it to get our repairs completed. The site is quiet and we have plenty of room to set up our outside seating and cooking equipment. We asked them about the unique name and were told they would get grief from their kids about the chores they had to do around the property. "Quit your bitchin" (QYB) was their response and the ranch name was born!

Speaking of QYB, we've come to accept our most recent reality and are finding more ways to enjoy our extended stay in Tucson. On the repair front, Scott received the replacement freshwater tank on Monday, February 13. And this morning we received the latest update that the underbelly material and supporting structure for the tank assembly were shipped on Thursday, February 16 with the ETA of Thursday, February 23. Scott has a commitment on Friday but told us he's planning on getting to work on it Saturday, February 25 or sooner if his other project changes.

Wednesday, February 15 we ran up to Phoenix to visit an RVICS project and visit with our friends Paul and Rhonda Harlin who are working the assignment. We also said "goodbye" to them as they're on their way to Missouri to take on a staff position at a special needs camp. While we were in town, on a whim Karen called an old friend from her past Anne Wilhite and her husband Tom live a few miles north of the RVICS project; we were able to hook up and visit them at their home and talked RVing. They're the proud new owners of an R SERIES (RETRACTABLE ROOF) Safari Condo Alto tow behind trailer. We have their travel schedule and hope our paths will cross down the road.

On our return to Tucson we took the the roads leading east to Highway 60 and then Highway 79 the back way into Marana and Oro Valley north of Tucson where we are staying. The last leg of the trip was down the primitive dirt Owl Head Ranch Road. I got to give the 4-wheel drive a workout through the washes and mud back to QYB Ranch. Tons of fun and the lighting in the desert in the late afternoon was incredible. I had to stop and get some photographs to share. Enjoy!


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