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Exploring North East, Maryland

Northeast is a direction but here in Maryland it is also a quaint town near the confluences of the Northeast River and Susquehanna River which both flow into the Chesapeake Bay. The town has a rich history and is conveniently located for day trips to local points of interest. On Friday morning, Karen and I, with our RVICS team leaders, Frank and Melissa journeyed out to explore Elk Neck State Park. We started the morning out by dropping our truck off for service at 8:30 AM and proceeded to Haiden's Coffee House for a morning brew and light breakfast.

Karen and I selected for our "RVICS Tour Day" a visit to Elk Neck State Park which is located south of Sandy Cove in Cecil County on a peninsula formed by the Chesapeake Bay on the west and the Elk River on the east. The park has 2,370 acres of land with varied landscapes that include marshlands, heavily wooded areas, white clay cliffs and sandy shorelines. We went for a hike out to Turkey Point Lighthouse.

After parking, we began our hike out to Turkey Point Lighthouse which is located at the southern tip of the Elk Neck Peninsula. Sweeping views of the Chesapeake Bay and surrounding land masses frame a beautiful backdrop for the Lighthouse. Hawks and eagles can be viewed at the Raptor Viewing Field. The Turkey Point Lighthouse was once used to project light 13 miles down the Chesapeake Bay to direct ships safely away from the shorelines. Now it stands as a reminder of the history of the area.

We hiked for about an hour and covered approximately 2 miles before noon. The weather has been in the low 90's and humid so we made it a short excursion.


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Mary Hanrahan
Mary Hanrahan
Sep 13, 2023

The nightly news out here in California makes it all sound like the east coast is swamped with rain and yet we see blue skies behind you! Whatever your lucky weather charm is, you should keep it! Hadn't heard your report for a few days, so we're just checking in, cousins. Safe, safe travels. ❤️

Sep 17, 2023
Replying to

Hey cousins! Hurricane Lee is bringing wind, rain and huge surf to Maine and Nova Scotia, but here in Maryland we have had good weather. Last week we had some rain, mostly at night. Thanks for checking in. Hope you are all well! ❤️ Karen

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