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First Day Back on the Road

Tuesday, January 3 started out on a positive note. I had my scheduled doctor appointment at the VA at 10 AM before leaving the area and everything turn out great! My labs looked good especially my A1C was down. My weight was down and I even had good numbers for my blood pressure. This lifestyle must agree with me!

So we hit the road by 10:50 AM with our destination four hours away in Greenfield, CA on Hwy 101 just ten miles north of King City, CA in Monterey County. We booked one night through Harvest Host at the local Assembly of God Church on El Camino Real.

The trip went smoothly enough given the drive through Bay Area traffic until we got to the Bay Bridge maze in Emeryville. We had a number of travelers trying to get our attention. Turns out our portable "Honey Pot" had jumped off our rear trailer ladder and was barely hanging on by the safety strap. We were safely able to pull over by the Oakland container ship facility and re-attach the tank to the rig. So we thought, "okay we've had our glitch for this leg", as the weather cooperated and we had dry roads all the way to Greenfield.

We arrived around 4 PM and backed into the parking lot for the night. As we're unloading the truck, our TPMS (Tire Pressure Monitoring System) alerted with a slow leak from the driver side rear trailer tire. The pressure was down to 50 PSI so I got out our compressor and added some air hoping for the luck. The tire just continued to lose air, so Karen made a call to AAA and had a mobile truck come and change the tire with our onboard spare. So again we learned more lessons about life on the road as nomads and the necessity to be flexible when the unexpected happens.

Our AAA repair truck arrived in 20 minutes and we had our tire changed within an hour of the call! So tomorrow we get to find a place to patch the tire before heading too far down the highway on our way to Point Mugu Naval Air Station for two nights. The travel time is roughly five plus hours and with the weather expected to get nasty, we are going to get an early start. Stay tuned...more to come.


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