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Gilgo Beach and Yankee Stadium

We have enjoyed a busy and wonderful week on Long Island. Our activities have included a beach day on Tuesday, August 22 with our nephew Kevin sunbathing and surf fishing. Gilgo Beach was Kevin's beach of choice. Gilgo State Park is located on a barrier island on the south shore of Long Island, with Atlantic Ocean and Great South Bay frontage. Access to the park is via 4 wheel drive only and requires a permit. Even on a day of near-record summer heat and humidity, Gilgo Beach is sparsely populated – a few sunbathers, swimmers and surfers here and there but certainly not as crowded as Jones Beach to the west or the posh Hampton beaches farther east.

After a day at the beach we returned to Kevin's house so he could pick up his kids from camp. Later that evening, along with Nicole and the kids, he came to our campsite for barbecued hot dogs and hamburgers. This was the first time Kevin and Nicole had seen our home on wheels. My sister and Kyle were committed to an appointment, so they had to pass on dinner out at Battle Row Campground, but our brother-in-law Jeff came out to hang with the gang.

Wednesday morning we drove out to watch Dillon's hockey practice along with Kevin helping out with the coaching. From the ice rink Karen and I headed for lunch at Ben's Kosher Deli and Restaurant for a "legitimate" Pastrami with mustard on Jewish Rye sandwich and pickles on the side. It was delicious!

Our last stop that afternoon was at an amazing German butcher shop in Huntington Station called Forest Pork Store. Kevin told us about it's selection of German delicacies, including many different kinds of wurst, We walked out with the evening's dinner and then some!

We had dinner that evening with Karen's cousin Lynn. The German dinner theme was a way to honor the memory of their grandfather Karl Saur. He was a German immigrant who lived and owned a butcher shop in Greenlawn on Long Island, New York. We caught up with cousin Lynn and shared happy memories celebrating family who we miss having around.

Thursday morning we drove to my sister's house but had to stop along the way for a New York classic... an onion bagel with scallion cream cheese and coffee. Karen stayed to visit with Susie, but Brendan, Jeff and I got on the Long Island Railroad headed to Yankee Stadium for an afternoon baseball game. We arrived at Grand Central Station in Manhattan and took the Hudson Line up to 152nd Street station in the Bronx. We walked to Yankee Stadium where I purchased a ticket in the same section with Brendan and Jeff.

Unfortunately the Yankees lost the game but it was a great opportunity to visit another ballpark and hang out with my nephew and brother-in-law. Following the game, we returned to Rockville Centre just in time for dinner. My sister Susan had ordered 4 New York style pizzas to feed the whole family. We had most of the gang there, including all 6 grandkids! It was the perfect way to end our last day on Long Island. Many thanks to all the Sheehan clan for their hospitality! We would have liked to stay longer but had to check out of Battle Row Campground the next morning.

We plan on returning and will allow more time during our next visit; tentatively, September/October 2025 so we can experience the changing Fall colors. From Long Island, we are on our way to visit good friends in New Jersey.


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