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Go West!

After a two day stay visiting the upper peninsula (UP) of Michigan we began to journey back west. Lake Michigan is impressive, a literal fresh water sea that goes on for miles. It is the largest lake by area in one country. Located in the United States, it is shared, from west to east, by the states of Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana, and Michigan.

Ports along its shores include Milwaukee and the City of Green Bay in Wisconsin; Chicago in Illinois; Gary in Indiana; and Muskegon in Michigan. Green Bay is a large bay in its northwest, and Grand Traverse Bay is in the northeast. We traveled along the south shore of the UP along the lake stopping at periodic rest stops and fueling. Before leaving the UP I indulged in a "Pasties" the local meat and potato pie of the region.

This was a long travel day from St. Ignace, MI through Wisconsin to the Mississippi River border of Minnesota. Worked out to be ten hours by the time we reached the Rest Area in

La Crescent, MN. I generally like to try and practice the 3-3-3 RV rule. No more the 300 miles a day, arrive no later than 3PM and stay three days minimum. Well, we missed that on this travel leg. We logged about 449 miles in about ten hours with stops for food and fuel. We were shooting to get to the Rapid City, SD area so we could have enough time to see the sights.


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