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Karen and Homeless?

One of the downsides of living full time in your RV is when the coach goes into the factory or dealership for repairs or servicing...where do you live? Most travelers will stay in a hotel or rent an AirBnB for the duration but if you have family or friends near to the servicing location, you might be able to mooch a room with them.

Lucky for us, Richard and Nancy Swain, friends from Florida, have a second home about two hours driving time from Elkhart in Hastings, MI. They are both in the Hastings home for the summer and have graciously invited us to stay with them while Trinity is being repaired. We jumped at the opportunity because Karen and Nancy have been friends for years and our circumstance has created a great chance to get together for an extended visit. Unfortunately, Richard is still working so I am finding things to do while Karen and Nancy catch up on some quality girl time. The girls are working out downstairs in the mornings so I move upstairs to eat breakfast while I catch up on emails and do blog writing. I have signed up to do an on-line Red Cross First Aid/CPR/AED course to renew my certification and will try to get to the Gilmore Car Museum while they do their thing.

So far we have planned a Friday night dinner out with the Swain's and the True's. Jay and Elaine True live in Holland, MI, and are old friends from Redwood Covenant Church days in Santa Rosa, CA who moved to Michigan some years ago. A discussion about taking in a Detroit Tiger baseball game on Saturday is also in the works. So as you can see, we are keeping occupied both physically and mentally.

I spoke with Tristen, our point of contact at Alliance RV today and their conservative estimate for completing repairs looks like Monday, June 19. Semper Gumby time! That said, I've arranged to text him this coming Friday the 9th to check on the rig's status. In the event Trinity won't be ready by Wednesday, June 14, we will need to start cancelling some campground reservations and route plans. We still have some time and wiggle room in our travel schedule. We're hoping by this Friday we'll have a better idea of when we might be able to pick up Trinity.


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