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Launch Day - May 5, 2022

Houston, we have lift-off of crew of "Trinity" on their first mission to the state of Texas to establish their new domicile. After packing the rig for the journey they departed 91 Grant School Road in Healdsburg, CA at 8:50 AM heading south to meet Jeff Guidi for coffee at the Coddingtown Starbucks. The hardest part of leaving; all the family and friends we will miss. Parting is indeed such sweet sorrow.

We left Santa Rosa at 10:00 AM heading through the bay area traffic on our first leg of the journey is to Bakersfield, CA. After a number of stops to check the overall rig, get fuel and eat we arrived at our Harvest Host site - The Links @ Riverlakes Ranch at 5:04 PM. We have been here before and love the quiet, laid-back atmosphere that the golf course provides during the evening. Just look how easily Karen got use to the facilities!

Parked the rig right next to the pitch and putt section of the course and got comfortable. They lock the front gate of the golf course after sunset, but open early in the morning. Safe and secure digs for the evening.

Tomorrow we head up the Tehachapi Mountains, across the Mojave desert to Needles, CA on the Colorado River border between California and Arizona.


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1 comentário

Robin VanderWerf
Robin VanderWerf
06 de mai. de 2022

Miss you guys already! Robin

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