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Tilly, the Titanium Hip Replacement

Karen was originally scheduled to go into Jacksonville on February 16 to have her hip replacement surgery, Well that was what we planned for on our calendar. On our way to see a rocket launch at Cape Canaveral on Tuesday, January 30 she received a call from the surgeon's office informing her that he would not be available to do the surgery on that date. Okay, what are our options now? How about this Friday, February 2? Ah, say what?

Instead of 17 days to prepare for her surgery we now had 3 days to get her ready. I got the new extended trailer handle installed and a small step-up platform from Amazon for her to facilitate getting in-and-out of the fifth wheel and truck. She and I made a reservation at the Wyndham Hotel, less than two miles from the surgery center and departed on Thursday, February 1 to arrive the day before. We picked up her walker en route and received a call from First Coast Surgery Center asking her to arrive at 6:30 am on Friday morning. We got checked into the hotel around 4 pm and went to the hotel restaurant for an early dinner..

Friday morning, February 2 we were up around 5 am to get ready. We arrived at the surgery center shortly before 6:30 am and got Karen checked in. The staff had her in Pre-Op by 8 am where I got in one last visit to reassure her and give her a kiss before they wheeled her to the surgery. room.

At 8:55 am I received a text message stating that she was in surgery. At 10:16 am I got a second text message stating that the procedure was almost completed and that the Surgeon would see me shortly in the consult room. A few minutes later I received my third text message that the surgery was finished and that she was in recovery. Dr. Lincoln, her surgeon met with me and told me that everything went as planned and he walked me through the medications she would be on during the rehabilitation process.

I got to see her in recovery around 11 am. She was so happy to have this procedure behind her. Tears of joy and thanksgiving flowed as the anesthesia meds started wearing off.

Meet Tilly, the Titanium Hip. For those who are curious, Titanium is a chemical element; it has symbol Ti and atomic number 22. Found in nature only as an oxide, it can be reduced to produce a lustrous transition metal with a silver color, low density, and high strength, resistant to corrosion in sea water, aqua regia, and chlorine.

Because titanium is biocompatible (non-toxic and not rejected by the body), it has many medical uses, including surgical implements and implants, such as hip balls and sockets (joint replacement) and dental implants that can stay in place for up to 20 years. The titanium is often alloyed with about 4% aluminium or 6% Al and 4% vanadium.

The next two hours were spent getting Karen back on her feet safely. Michelle, her Physical Therapist, started working with her getting out of bed and into a chair. She walked with a walker and turned around. Karen got light-headed a couple of times, so we slowed down the process. But by 2 pm we were released and they wheeled her out to the truck. She climbed in and we left for the hotel.

Once we arrived at the hotel I carefully unloaded the 'package' and walked her to the lobby. After arriving back at the room she got horizontal on the bed and took a much needed nap. I ran out to get some food for us to eat later at the hotel. She was still a little loopy and the meds didn't help with clarity of thought, so we are in new territory for the lady who normally has it all together.

Friday night was uneventful, so Saturday at 10:30 am we loaded up the truck and drove the three hours back to Bushnell, Florida stopping once to get her out to walk around. The medications are keeping the pain under control, but she has been dealing with nausea on occasion through the process. We have drugs for that too. Saturday afternoon we got back to the RV Park around 2 pm and she made it from the truck and up into the trailer to her recliner like a champ. Another quiet afternoon and evening with periodic walks around the kitchen island between naps, snacks and bathroom visits.

Get her into the bed was challenging due to its height and narrow path between the wall, but she did it and we only needed to get up twice during the night. Sunday looks like more of the same as Saturday, however she seems more clear headed today than Saturday. My biggest concern is she might try to progress too quickly, so we've had that talk about easing into doing more.

Next Wednesday, February 7 she has her first PT visit here in Bushnell. Until then, keep her in your thoughts and prayers for a complete, quick recovery. And prayers for me, to hold this spirited mare from getting away too quickly!


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Feb 05

Take it easy Karen, it will seem like a long process, but in the scheme of life, it's very short! Glad to hear all the handrail and step devices worked for you. Continued prayer as yyyi gain your strength and control the nausea.

Feb 11
Replying to

Thanks Gail, I'm doing well and walking easily during the days. Nights are rougher as I get stiff and feel the pain more intensely. 😀

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