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Zip Lining in Roatan

When we finished scuba diving Saturday morning, we still had the rest of the afternoon to schedule before our departure on Sunday. So what to do? Perhaps a leisurely afternoon on the beach relaxing, or kayaking around the resort? Maybe a massage at the Spa then cocktails around the pool? Nope, not this crazy group! And guess who floated the crazy idea for the afternoon? It was Karen who suggested we all go zip lining in the jungle canopy of Roatan before leaving. Yes, Karen!

Karen explains it this way, "I try to do something out of my comfort zone every year. Zip lining was one of those things I was afraid of but wanted to "feel my fear and do it anyway. When I found out there was zip lining in Roatan, I was all in. Thankfully, my traveling buddies were up for the adventure also!

To be honest, after getting all geared up in my safety equipment, I was almost in tears as I stood on the first platform ready to fly through the jungle! But once I got going, it was lots of fun. My heart was beating fast but I was screeching for joy and landed with a big smile on my face. After doing all 12 zip line stations through the jungle and landing at the beach, I was ready to do it again!

Doing this with our group made it just that much more fun. And after we finished the Zip line, staff took a group photograph for the record."

But wait, there's more! While we were at Gumbalimba Park, after zipping through the jungle, we were offered a tour of their animal exhibit as well. The tour included activities such as walking through trails, crossing on a suspended bridge of 237 feet long over a small lagoon, and visiting various animals in their natural state. The animals that you will see are the green and black iguanas, agoutis, white-faced monkeys, Scarlett and Green Macaws, parrots, and other species of fauna. Gumbalimba also provides a program that rescues and rehabilitates animals or are in need of an appropriate living environment.

All in all, our Roatan trip was a great adventure. We made some new friends and plan on visiting Suzy in Houston, TX when we are there in February. And we look forward to connecting up with Steven in Maine during the summer.


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2 commenti

24 dic 2022

Great adventures! Love that this was your idea Karen. Looking forward to seeing you in the new year!

Mi piace

Elisa Edgington
Elisa Edgington
23 dic 2022

Way to go Mimi!! Looks like it was a great time.

Mi piace
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